What to Do About Age Spots

When you put the time in, you expect the benefits of experience. However, when it comes in the form of dark spots on your skin, getting older may be overrated. Commonly caused by exposure to ultraviolet components of sunlight, age spots are formed by clumps of pigment. They can exist on their own or in patches with a freckle-like appearance.

Some skin types are more susceptible to age spot formation, most often people with fair skin, but they can appear on virtually any skin type. People over 50 often have these spots, giving them their common name, but they can affect younger people, particularly those who spend plenty of time outdoors.

Recognizing age spots

Age spots are typically a cosmetic issue only, a natural result of clumps of melanin in your skin. They’re flat and oval-shaped, ranging from tiny freckles to about one half of an inch in diameter. Their color can range from tan, that’s slightly darker than your normal skin tone, to dark brown or black. Often, they appear grouped together in places that receive the greatest sun exposure, such as on the backs of your hands, shoulders, and on the tops of your feet.

Should an age spot later change in appearance, such as becoming darker or irregularly shaped, it could be a sign of melanoma requiring medical treatment, but most age spots are harmless.

Fading and removing age spots

Over-the-counter skin lighteners use chemicals that may work on light spots, but prolonged use can irritate and even darken your skin, defeating the purpose of home treatment. Prescription-strength creams could be more effective but may cause similar side effects.

The most effective way to treat age spots is with an aesthetic laser system designed to reduce photopigmentation. Dr. Denise Tittle and the aesthetics team at Best Care Clinic choose the Icon™ laser for their patients who seek a smooth and even skin tone.

How the Icon laser works

The Icon system is a versatile medical aesthetic platform that can treat a wide range of skin conditions, from scar treatment to hair reduction. One of the advantages of the Icon system is its melanin reader, matching the wavelength of laser energy more closely to the patient’s skin type, resulting in more concentrated and effective results.

Since lasers operate using a single wavelength, they pass through your outer skin before being absorbed by the collagen layer below. As light energy absorbs, it heats this tissue to a point of coagulation, at which time your body recognizes the need to flush and replace the treated collagen tissue.

The pigment causing your age spots is part of this tissue, so, during the weeks after treatment, you’ll see fading and elimination of age spots in the treatment area as new tissue replaces the old. The result is younger-looking, evenly toned skin.

To find out more about what the Icon laser system can do for you, contact the age spot specialists at Best Care Clinic in Clarksville. You can call the practice directly or using the handy online tool to book your consultation. There’s a younger-looking you awaiting, so call today.  

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