Treat Spider and Reticular Veins With Icon Laser

Are you covering up because you’re embarrassed by unsightly veins? Spider veins, reticular veins, and more can all develop as a result of age or vein damage. Clusters of discolored veins can make you hesitate to go without makeup or to wear shorts or sandals.

At Best Care Clinic, Denise Tittle, DO, and her team offer the latest in laser technology to treat vein disorders, including spider and reticular veins. The Icon™ laser is a noninvasive treatment that addresses unsightly veins to give you more confidence. Call our office or request an appointment online today to get started.

Understanding spider and reticular veins

Spider, reticular, and varicose veins are all common venous conditions. These conditions develop when your blood vessels get damaged and prevent blood from flowing properly. The damage often makes your blood vessels visible below the surface of your skin.

Spider veins are small, visible veins under the skin. They’re usually red, and they get their name because they can look like spider webs or tree branches. Spider veins don’t cause the surface of your skin to bulge, but patches of spider veins on your legs or face can make you feel embarrassed.

Varicose veins might be the most well-known venous condition, but reticular veins are a common issue for many people. Spider veins are small and varicose veins are often large and twisted. Reticular veins are somewhere in between.

Reticular veins are larger than spider veins and can appear blue-green or purple. Unlike varicose veins, they don’t cause skin to bulge. Reticular veins often appear near clusters of spider veins on the legs.

If left untreated, reticular veins can cause pain and make spider veins worse. Luckily, there are treatment options available for spider and reticular veins that effectively close off the damaged blood vessels and make them disappear.

Vein treatment at Best Care Clinic

Dr. Tittle offers vein care with the Icon laser. She provides personalized recommendations and a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs. When you come to Best Care Clinic for vein treatment, we start with a comprehensive consultation that includes an exam and discussion of your symptoms.

If Dr. Tittle recommends Icon laser treatment for your vein condition, you can expect to have 1-4 sessions for optimal results. A series of treatments often works best to clear unsightly veins and blood vessels.

The Icon laser system uses targeted laser energy to destroy the damaged blood vessels causing your spider or reticular veins. Your body redirects blood flow away from the damaged blood vessels. Once destroyed, the vessels are absorbed naturally by your body and fade from view over time.

Treatment is generally well-tolerated, with patients describing the sensation as tingling or like the snap of a rubber band. Our team can apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to help keep you comfortable if you have sensitive skin or experience discomfort.

Each session lasts 5-30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. Because Icon laser technology only targets the veins below the surface of your skin, there’s no damage to surrounding skin or tissue. The procedure is completely noninvasive and you experience no downtime.

Most patients leave the office with noticeably clearer skin in the treated area. You can expect results to improve over the following week and as your treatment sessions continue.

If you’re living with frustrating spider veins or reticular veins, it’s time to learn more about laser vein treatment. Contact Dr. Tittle at Best Care Clinic in Clarksville, Tennessee, to make your first appointment today.

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